Well been working hard on improvements to the site…

1. Been slowly merging the different sites into one site: Front page, Afterdark, Halfshell are merged now and Tribal Dance will be merged by end of week, then Sexpit and Yiffox Adventures are next, Sexpit may be done by end of week
2. All merged sites will have the same theme/colors/menus
3. All merged sites can now be logged onto with a single click of the facebook logon, hit remember to remember you, and it will carry over as you move through the merged sites
4. Setting up a new Gallery which should be done by end of next week, which means all of my artwork will be uploaded here by end of Feburary, which was one of the points of making this site
5. Looking for other ways to sprouse up the site and make it more enjoyable for you…if you have any suggestions lemme know!