Just listened to the 6 hr audiobook of World War Z in preparation for the movie coming out this summer and I still can not wait to see it….Brad Pitt starring regardless. I especially want to see the “battle of Yonkers” which I am sure will be depicted in the film. One episode I would love to see, but I am sure will not be shown, is the seclusion of New York and Hollywood moguls, whom some person has offered sanctuary in his fortified mansion near New York. It specifically mentions a Jon Stewart like character, snorting coke and watching the world burn. The twist is the person has them all on a reality-tv type show. The twist is that survivors are going to this place en masse as a place to survive and overrun the place. The last we see of Stewart-esque is humping an arch rival, lets say Anne Coulter, that was highly amusing to me.

Loved the audiobook…can’t wait to see what they do in the movie..
High Hopes