Commissioner’s Rights

  • You may use work done for you as avatars, profile pictures, etc. as long as you credit me. This does not include the right to resale.
  • You may repost and submit them to other sites, as long, again as I am given credit and you are encouraged to do so.
  • You cannot modify my pictures without permission, except for sizing and cropping to make icons.
  • you can ask for changes to work after it is finished, but the degree of changes will diminish the farther in the process it goes. It is good to be detailed in description of what you want to enable an accurate sketch, and to suggest most changes at the sketch-for-approval stage. Final products can only have minor structural changes as well as color changes.
  • Finally, I retain all rights to any art that I create and it is not paying for my work, but merely a finished product. I will use any work created as I see fit, including posting to other sites. This includes resale of work, even if the work contains characters the commissioner has created and they give up all rights to such characters within the work.
  • If any resale of artwork for comics does occur, then the commissioner can be given a fair % of any profits based on *if* their characters are used and in the range of 10-20% depending on involvement to the storyline and creation of characters.

I think this coveres everything, but will be looking at other artist’s commission details to make sure I did not miss anything.

And thank you for any patronage you provide, I look forward to hopefully creating some cool art for people. 😀