There is an irrational, unscientific belief that people are born gay.  I say this as a “gay” person who thinks this is entirely bullshit.

This of course feeds into the other nonscientific bullshit of psychology and that political abomination psychiatry that only acknowleges heredity vs environment.  Neither acknowledges any realm of personal choice.

To ignore this only enforces how unscientific these disciplines are.

It is my personal belief that being gay is a choice, in much the same way that one chooses to like vanilla ice cream or pepsi over coke.  Any criticism of my theory can be applied to those as well.  Do you remember when you decided you liked pepsi or vanillia ice cream or disliked them?  This seems logical that one must make those choices.  No one was born liking or disliking pepsi or vanilla ice cream.

Adding to this, with rare exceptions, no one under 8 is born anything sexual.  Go ask a 7 yr old.  Kissing anyone outside their family is gross.  They do not even know what sex is, but that mere ontact is gross.  Heterosexual relations are sick.  I can only imagine if one suggested homosexual things to a minor.

So how do humans become sexualized?  THEY LEARN IT.  I remember a friend in middle school saying his love of squeezing breasts.  We were like um, yeah, whatever, but ok.

This totally feeds into actual scientific studies.  Kinsey who was totally progay, described gay as a temporary condition.  People did and can change their minds historically over their lives.

Its almost a joke now that college is a time for experimentation sexually.  So why does one need to experiment if one is “born that way,” the line told to us by people.

Myself,  I was born asexual.  I learned to be bi.  I choose to be gay ( cause really girls are insane XD)

so your thoughs?