He is widely reported to be the best president ever. I believed this. He ended slavery afterall.

However after seeing the movie, Lincoln, I was like OMG this president was the worst criminal ever in our history.

In the movie, he is shown delaying the end of the war, killing thousands, so that he may end slavery and force his own views on people who dont want them. Is that democracy? He further lies to congress to do so, holds people in hostage, lying to them, ignoring plainly conceived diplomacy…so even from the movie he is a total ass.

So I looked further into it and found he was the most fascist president we have ever had. His way or the highway. So yes the southern states succeeded. Why? Yes partially because their way of life, slavery, farming as under attack by northern commercial interests who favored free people now ( because slaves offer indecent competition to paid labor, but also because they were deeply in dept. The tariffs funding the federal government, the only legal form of taxation at the time, benefited manufacturers while hurting normal people.) The south was largely debt free and favored free trade. If free trade occurred, the manufacturers in the north would lose their southern, government enforced markets, as europe could make stuff much cheaper. So really what were the rallying cries of the new republicans, free labor. not free slaves, but we dont want competition for jobs.

This really wasnt about slavery. The centers of the slave trade were new york, rhode island and mass. Where they made slaves make new ships to bring move people over. The slave trade was eliminated maybe due to pressure from overseas that eliminated it first, but such hypocrisy that the south could not eliminate it its own fair terms. And there is NO DOUBT slavery would have been gone peaceable by the 1920’s. Machines would have made it more cost effective to buy them then support slaves. Period. Same reason they fired most white people from farm jobs that had to move to cities at same time. Any slave after 1930 would be an cost inducing anachronism.

So what did Lincoln do? well t5 southern states seceded. Did they have they right to do so? um, yes. Texas, virginia, New York, and Rhode Island had this in their actual acceptance to the union in their law. If tyranny develops we have the right to leave what we voluntarily join. How did they do this? By VOTE! so Lincoln basically said screw you voting to secede. I AM THE LAW…except the law allowed them to do this in 1 case of Texas and by proxy any state could? When Lincoln decided they were rebels, rather than a voting body that chose to do this by vote, his reasons for attack? to collect taxes and refuse any succession of federal land per his inauguration address. Cuz we must have our monies, damned be your votes…anyone notice a parallel between the civil war and American revolution? All the rebels in both cases were democratic elected representatives voting to leave a body infringing on their rights. Those are rebels or terrorists, but elected people sacrificing their lives to go against tyranny. BOTH CASES.

How did Lincoln act in office? well he shut down 130 newspapers back in 1860’s that disagreed with him. Don’t even know what the percentage of that, so freedom of speech? gone. He denied trial by jury of people he locked up, this hasn’t been done in american history till um the last 10 years. When the supreme court justice said that is illegal….yup, had him locked up too. He also was the first president to make an income tax, declared illegal by supreme court after his death and they could no longer be thrown in jail by disagreeing. First president to issue fiat money, which later caused the first big crash of the american economy.First president to institute the draft, depriving men of liberty to go fight his war in which your chances were so so of surviving…hence riots in NY and Philadelphia of new immigrants being drafted to fight HIS war..these riots were put down by force, because you cant disagree with your government compelling you by force to give up your freedom for fight a war against people who legally and by vote left.

So bottom line, lincoln was a facist. If he hadn’t been killed he would be the most antifreedom president ever till the last 2