I’ve lived through a lot of the same politically.  big government republicans and big government democrats.  They say theyre gonna do things differently,but once in office, the only major complaints are that the guy in charge isnt doing things fast/big enough.

What’s bad is previous presidential candidates all agreeing on what to do.  McCain wants to invade Syria, despite we have no business there.  Obama taking the Obamacare plan direct from his opponent, Romney.  THEY ARE ALL THE SAME.

Even Clinton, its basically been shown that he was involved in the CIA drug running into Arkansas via the whole Iran-contra affair.  (If you don’t know, the CIA has been using drug running to finance things, which is why the US army is protecting Opium fields in Afghanistan which had almost been eliminated by the Taliban, but our actions and protection, brought it back so much so that 90% of the heroin now comes from there.  YAY?!)

So Hillary is prolly gonna be democrat candidate next.  So more of the same last regime for the last 22 years.  The guys who inflated bubbles, destroyed the American prosperity, and are just assholes.  The Clintons are the worst…one only needs listen to a former friend and regime member who defected and tells about how many people they killed to cover up secrets, like their drug connections, CIA connections, etc.  Any surprise then this guy out of nowhere wins against an incumbent president who was former CIA head?  yeah…

So a solution…2 small government people like Ron Paul, one democrat and one republican, running as Prez/VP in both races.  They run as democrat with the dem as president, and they run as republican with rep as president.  They nominate each other as their VP’s.  We..yes WE the people contact our local election boards and newsagencies, aka CNN, ABC, NBC, ABC, Fox, MSNBC and tell them if they did what they did to Ron Paul, we will never watch them again and black list them…the one’s who honestly report news and results and election fraud will be thye ones we watch from now on.  If they are all dishonest, we abandom them and petition our cable networks to remove their shows forever or else we cancel our service with them.

for those who don’t know what they did:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_WBo4sfmi4

I think its the only way to win back our news and government